Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dad I can't talk - can't you see I'm on a conference call

Anyone, who can recognize what this is a picture of or who has ever used one of these (a telephone with rotary dialing):

courtesy of iStock Photo

Would have also probably been at least mildly surprised by their daughter's statement I referred to the title: Dad, sorry I can't talk right now - I'm on a conference call. I seriously came into my teenage daughter's room to find four or five people on a skype video conference call.

That was when I decided to create this post. I didn't get to it until a today and I'd say that is lucky, because of what happened tonight. I walked into her room to see an odd scene. The mini-DVD player and the netbook screen (which contains a web camera on the top) were facing each other. I thought - that is odd - it makes it hard for her to see the movie screen with the netbook screen in front of it.

Then it dawned on me. That allowed people on the other end of the video conference to also see the the DVD screen and hear the sound from the film.

So much for being in touch with the modern generation!?!?  I joked with a friend (my age also with high tech children) at a party this evening - we used to think we were cool when we could use two tin cans and some string as a long distance communication device.

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G in Berlin said...

That stuff is dangerous- your kids are older, so I'm sure you have thought about it more, but I don't give my girls access to unobserved internet or to Skype alone. I'd be interested to know whether you have formulated specific rules about access and most particularly pictures.
It is a brave new world!

Gardner said...

Internet access is something we are monitoring closely and talking about with the kids. We also use an Add Blocker with Firefox which helps a great deal.