Monday, March 30, 2009

Lichtenstein - World Cup Qualifier for Germany

On Saturday Germany played a World Cup qualifying game. Early in the game, with Germany leading 2-0, Mario Gomez, a star for the German team, missed a shot from close range. The commentator noted that Gomez hadn't scored in an international game for the German team in over a year. He then noted that the Lichtenstein team hadn't scored in an international game in over a year. The last goal Lichtenstein scored was in a 1-7 loss against Malta a year ago.

Needless to say, the German team had an easy time beating Lichtenstein 4-0. The led 2-0 in the 10th minute.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hannah's Surprise

On Saturday we planned a surprise for Hannah for her baptism. We did this with help from our former exchange student Adrian. Adrian called on the Monday before the baptism to say he could attend the baptism and suggested that maybe it could be a surprise. Tamara set it up so the other children new about the surprise and Hannah knew that dad, i.e., me, was picking up the surprise on Saturday morning before the baptism. The surprise was arriving at the train station at about 10a.m.

When I arrived back home with "the surprise" Hannah was glued to the TV as she and the kids were playing Playstation 2 (we just got a Playstation after being without one for over a year, so the kids were understandably excited). We called to Hannah. "Dad is here!" "With your surprise." "Turn off the TV!" "Time for Hannah's surprise." But the pull of the Playstation was too strong. By this time Adrian and I were right behind Hannah and the other kids in the living room. All of the other kids had looked, but were silent - very well done I must say.

Hannah, while still looking at the TV said, "Well, is it wrapped." We all burst out laughing and Hannah turned around. She saw Adrian, and just melted in joy. She ran to him and jumped up into his arms. It was one of the sweetest moments of Hannah's baptism day.