Friday, July 30, 2010

Hannah's English (from Tamara)

This is a conversation between Tamara and Hannah that Tamara told me about a few weeks ago:

Just got Hannah's Report Card. She got a 1 (which is an A) in English. The teacher wrote, that Hannah can understand words and Sentences as well as Speak words and Sentences. It made me laugh. I said out loud, "I sure hope so". Then I asked Hannah if her English Teacher knows she is American. Hannah did not think so. That made me laugh even more.

Hannah's response is....she knows English well enough she could BE the teacher. :)

Tamara informed me later that the teacher is certainly aware of Hannah's ability and naturally proposed that Hannah not worry about such comparisons between her and the teacher.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Feel Alive

Just sitting here sweating tonight at almost 11:00 pm (23.00 hours) and realized I love this type of heat. Hot, muggy, lots of sun. It makes me feel alive.

It's probably because I grew up in this type of heat each summer in Missouri, but it is a wonderful feeling to have some of this type of weather in the normally rainy, cool, lower Rhine valley in Germany (think Seattle).