Friday, December 22, 2006

Funny German Phrase about Going to the Dentist

>>>>sent to my father, a dentist. I learned the phrase from some colleagues after going to the dentist for the first time in Germany.

German Phrase:
Mama, Mama, Mama! Der Zahnarzt hat gar nicht gebohrt!!! Der hat gleich gezogen.

English Translation:
Mom, Mom, Mom! The dentist didn't do any drilling, he just pulled the tooth instead.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

BYU vs. Utah Follow-up

Yeah, that was an awesome ending. I could hardly believe it. I was totally wishing we were together for a huge party. A party at Bishop Nelson's would have been even better! ;- )

Well it's rainy and cold, or just cold here. When it stops raining, I'm so happy and don't care how cold it is though. Life is good here, pretty normal, which is the craziest part. Spencer got in a fight at school today. Two kids jumped him and he held his own. I guess that's good (that it took two kids). Then he had a Christmas party this afternoon. Work is crazy busy getting ready for testing that is supposed to begin tomorrow and I'm talking in German various forms of English (Swedish, German) all day. Shantal hates school and homework and fights with Tamara everyday about it. Tamara is stressed out about kids, household, cooking, etc. Hannah and Emma are sick. Ian has some reflux thing, so he spits up pretty much all the time, but he smiles all the time too. It's pretty much the standard day to day problems, but they seem a bit more overwhelming here.

I'll try to write more later. I have to run to choir. I was just setting up the internet here at home.

If you have a cheap calling method like Skype or something, Tamara would love to hear from your wives of course and it would be cool to talk as well.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

BYU vs. Utah

Wow, I just watched the BYU - Utah game last night - my dad sent it over on DVD. That was awesome. I knew BYU was victorious and that it was a close game, but I didn't know the details, so it was still fun to watch.

I remember saying Harline is the rock after he made that acrobatic catch early in the 2nd half. Then he made that sweet grab to win the game . . . amazing. He was all alone over there and Beck got him the ball, and he caught it. I wondered what was going through his mind when the ball was in the air.

Who do they play in the Bowl Game and what are they ranked? We still don't have internet at home and work is pretty crazy - testing begins on tomorrow.

Take Care fellas,